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Learning support

Support unit

The Support Unit for children with physical disabilities was established at the school in 1994. It is designed to cater for three classes and includes modified bathroom and toileting facilities. There is a full-time support teacher and a full time teacher's aide special attached to the unit. Students enrolled in the unit are integrated into the regular classes according to their individual needs and abilities. This may range from full-time integration to integration for only part of the day.

Learning and support teachers

Learning and support teachers ( LaST) have a role within whole school initiatives to improve outcomes for students with additional learning and support needs.

Students experiencing difficulties in learning in regular classes, regardless of the cause, are supported through learning and support. It includes support for students with significant learning difficulties, mild intellectual disabilities, language disorders and behaviour needs.

Vision support centre

Earlwood vsion support centre has been based within Earlwood Public School since 1995. We currently service 18 schools within the Sydney Central Region which covers over 40 students. Vision support teachers provide essential assistance both to students with vision impairment, and classroom teachers. They provide specialist knowledge and advice to schools on how to best to allow students with vision impairment to access the curriculum.  This will involve:

  • Assessment: evaluating the most appropriate learning media for the student i.e. braille, large print, audio, or electronic access to the curriculum or a combination of these.
  • Direct teaching: relevant areas of the expanded core curriculum eg braille
  • Program planning: assisting the school to develop individual programs for  students eg a program to teach braille
  • Access technology and equipment: provide information about technology to improve student access to the curriculum
  • Disability awareness: provide information about the student's vision impairment to teachers, class members and the wider school community
  • Consultancy to support groups: such as BOS Disability Provisions, ATAR applications.

A pamphlet about vision support  can be downloaded for further information.